Alumnus Makes Generous Donation to CMHS

Alumnus Maya Hightower and Witherite Law Group have made a generous donation to support students at Crete-Monee High School. 

Hightower, a 1996 CMHS graduate, serves as director of community relations for the law firm. She recently contacted Principal Lamont Holifield and asked him to create a wish list for a donation. 

On that list were 50 Amazon gift cards to reward students for their citizenship and making the academic honor roll, along with 25 Amazon gift cards to use as teacher/educator incentives and support for the school’s upcoming girls’ empowerment event on Saturday, April 15. 

In addition to the gift cards, each in the amount of $25, Witherite Law Group contributed $3,400 for the empowerment event. The firm has also organized five $1,000 alumni scholarships, for a total donation of $10,275. 

Principal Holifield has already been asked to create another wish list for next school year. CMHS is incredibly grateful for these contributions and look forward to seeing the impact they will have on students!

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